Blood Coins

Blood Coins are March 15 will be listed on bitonbay March 25 to be listed on ventasbit Location-based advertising available in Bloodlands

You can sign up the Blood with 5 types.
Google and Naver are commonly used.

Google is best for signing up. And then…

And then, your e-mail address is activated.
Please, confirm your e-mail address once again and request authentication mail. If you can’t find the Auth Code, check the spam folder.

After writing down the Code, authenticate your mobile number.

The referees are automatically entered into the accession, recommendations code on the website link can be mined under the weight +1.

Blood wallet was created.

Every 8 hours + mining comes on the weight compensation.

Now I’ll show you how to mine.

Mining program is divided into 32bit & 64bit.
You can easily check this information on your computer.
And then, download the rght program.

ID and password ?
ID is not your e-mail address.
You have to check the next session.

Come back to our Blood homepage( and click the ‘My account’.
Then, you can set a password.
Please, don’t forget your account ID and password.

To start mining.

Processor numbers are much higher mining, different figures for each computer.

It is recommended to use a computer ilttaen meet about half.

If you want a lot of drilling it is recommended to collect the weights.

A long time imported to wait efforts can come.

Recommend link (weighted)
Copy the referral link
Post to SNS, friends, blog, site.

When a person joins, the weight increases.